Health Care: What We Do

I would rather teach someone about health, than give them a prescription.

- Dr. Francisco Mendez Puac, San Pedro la Laguna

Dr. Francisco grew up as an indigenous Tzutujil boy in the lakeside village of San Pedro la Laguna, and thanks to a scholarship, he was able to attend school.  He worked his way through medical school, including a stint in the USA, and built a practice in Guatemala City. With that foundation, he opened a clinic back in his hometown, where he is the only doctor who speaks the Mayan language. He now spends 20% of his time treating for-pay patients in Guatemala City, in order to volunteer 80% of his time treating can't-pay patients in San Pedro.

Guatemala Conexions has backed Dr. Francisco's volunteer work for several years, investing in his efforts as a self-supporting doctor with a genuine vision for "health care", in a rural area where hospital visits are feared, doctors are not trusted, and discrimination is expected by the indigenous locals. Click below to learn more about Dr. Francisco and his genuine "health care" volunteer efforts.


Over the years, Guatemala Conexions has supported health care efforts in various places and ways in Guatemala, including other doctors and medical clinics, seniors' homes, AIDS hospices, mobile rural clinics, dental work, and bringing excess medical supply inventory from Canadian hospitals.  As needs and opportunities arise, we adapt quickly.







is the tourism centre for Lake Atitlan, a world-famous volcano-ringed crater lake.


San Pedr

is a backpacker haven, and home to Dr. Francisco's clinic.