Education: What We Do

if we can give something for our community, for these girls, for these boys, why not?
- Candelaria Xep de Garcia

Candelaria and Gregorio Garcia, our partners in Panajachel, Guatemala, are self-made entrepreneurs. They both grew up in poverty in the villages near Panajachel, speaking Kakchiquel, the Mayan dialect. 

Candelaria and Gregorio have an exceptional talent for finding 13-year-old economic dropouts from rural villages, then training and refining them into talented, multi-lingual, confident 18-year-old entrepreneurs.  They now have 23 teenagers in their intensive training program, developing them through hard work and coaching.

We believe that our Guatemalan friends are smart, resourceful, and best equipped to decide on solutions to their own challenges. But they need a hand up to get over that first hurdle of education. 

Candelaria and Gregorio Garcia

Candelaria and Gregorio Garcia

Follow the link below to learn more and Candelaria and Gregorio's inspiring approach to mentorship education:


who we are


Abbotsford, Canada

Panajachel, Guatemala

since 2001

We started as a group of Canadian business friends, exploring ways to help in Guatemala. We now back local businesspeople in the Lake Atitlan area, supporting their sustainable volunteer projects, primarily in education and health care.

we believe:

in interdependence: together, we're better

in the importance of listening and trust

in storytelling as a key way to understand life and experiences

that each person is of value, regardless of sex, race, creed, or colour

that sustainable change is preferable to charity

in freedom to choose

in wakening dreams and possibilities

in the importance of gratitude

that ordinary people working together can achieve extraordinary results